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Goodness Matrix 101: 1% For The Planet

Goodness Matrix 101: 1% For The Planet

Making a positive difference and working to be a force for good in the world are foundational elements of the Good Bumblebee mission. Using our Goodness Matrix as a foundation, we evaluate companies to determine if their operational methods and business goals are in alignment with our mission. We’re thrilled to be working with business partners who share our values and we’re honored to work with organizations focused specifically on promoting healthy initiatives related to people, planet, and animals.

This blog post is the first in a series designed to provide greater insight into specific elements of the Goodness Matrix and why we think they are important. The Goodness Matrix is divided into 5 categories, one of which is focused on initiatives geared toward a healthy planet. One of the questions in the “Planet Positive” section is, “Does your company participate in the ‘1% for the Planet’ initiative?” If you are not familiar with this initiative, the video below will provide insight.

Good Bumblebee is proud to be associated with the 1% For The Planet organization and has committed to the corporate financial giving required by the membership charter. If you’d like more information about the 1% For The Planet organization, visit their website (

Additional information about the Goodness Matrix and further insight into specific elements can be found below.

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