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Happy Holidays, Eco Warriors!

Happy Holidays, Eco Warriors!

It’s almost here! Christmas is tomorrow! As I have for the last several years, I tried to purchase locally from small shops and support small brands or websites where possible. Two people did request items I could only find on Amazon with no suitable replacement to be found so, reluctantly, I made those purchases to fulfill specific items on their wishlist. I do want to give them what they wish for after all. In these cases, I planned ahead and ordered early enough that I did not have to request expedited shipping and put additional pressure on warehouse and delivery employees, who are possibly making a less-than-comfortable income and already have the added stress of getting everything out and delivered on time during the holidays.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, I know that virgin wrapping paper is not typically very earth-friendly, but I also admit that I have a collection of several partial rolls from the past handful of years. I will be using these up this year and not purchasing any additional wrapping paper. As for bows and other items to spruce up the packages? I’m still reusing the bows I bought in a big plastic cube at Costco back in (I think) 2014. I also give some gifts in reusable shopping bags so that the packaging is not single-use and also leaves the gift recipient with a bag to encourage BYOB (bag, not beer 🙂) when shopping.

I guess what I want to say is that none of us are perfect in our eco-conscious missions. I think most of us do our best, given time and financial constraints, and we could all be a little less judgmental when it comes to observing others who claim to be on the same mission (and those that don’t!) We don’t know what is going on in their lives and minds. And every little bit helps. So let’s take off the “holier than thou” hat that so many eco warriors wear and simply enjoy the company of our friends and family this season, content to know that we did the best we could where we could and that we don’t know the thoughts or situations of others. At the holidays, let’s lead by example, not by condemnation.

Love. Eat. Enjoy. Celebrate.

Happy Holidays!


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