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Moon Mother Hemp Company Product Removal

Press Release

Moon Mother Hemp Company CBD-based products have been temporarily removed from the Good Bumblebee marketplace

Lewisville, Texas; June 4, 2019 – Good Bumblebee president Gina Smith announced today that, due to threats from financial institutions and the withholding of sales fees from payment partners, all Moon Mother Hemp Company CBD-based products will be removed from the Good Bumblebee online marketplace. This action is being taken because of difficulties finding banks and credit card processing companies willing to process payments for CBD-based products.

“I spent time visiting recently with Jessica Bates of Moon Mother Hemp Company regarding CBD-based products and the financial systems needed to do business. We both shared our frustrations with the current state of affairs regarding credit card processing and banking. The attitudes of financial institutions are constantly shifting so it’s hard to develop banking relationships that can be counted on. Jessica shared that some CBD product companies had even gone so far as to establish business headquarters locations overseas and to process credit card transactions using offshore financial institutions in an attempt to do business in the United States and avoid the risk of being shut down. We both agreed that the recent passage of the Farm Bill and its support for CBD products is a positive step and may provide help,” said Smith.
Despite all CBD’s positive qualities and the fact that CBD is still legal in and sold throughout many states in the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), for example, until last week still treated CBD as an illegal drug on par with marijuana. Even now the rules are dicey at best. Hemp and marijuana are closely related genetic cousins and the drug classification at the federal level has many financial institutions skittish.

“I am very confident that we will reengage with Jessica and her company when the financial institutions, particularly credit card processing companies, overcome their fears and begin to realize the vast amount of money to be made in the CBD product space,” Gina Smith stated.

About Moon Mother Hemp Company

Moon Mother Hemp Company is committed to providing the highest quality and purest CBD wellness products possible. Their full spectrum hemp oil supplements and botanicals are made from USDA-certified organic hemp grown on their own farm in Colorado. Every ingredient in their tinctures and topicals is organic and carefully selected to support healing and wellbeing for body and mind. The company is committed to organic, sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices. Product quality is ensured by overseeing each stage of growth and production from seed to sale. The company offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. For more information visit

About Good Bumblebee

Good Bumblebee is a company dedicated to being a force for good in the world and a source of positive energy. Using a business partner selection process that begins with an evaluation of core goals focused on people, planet, and animals, the Good Bumblebee team seeks out good people, high-quality products, and companies with values that promote wholesomeness and sustainability.

Good Bumblebee provides:

  • A marketplace for consumers who want to support companies with purpose, companies who are actively working to create good vibes and positive energy

  • A community of people and businesses supporting each other with high-quality products, fair pricing, and honest business practices

  • A platform for promoting ideas, people, products, and actions that can improve the lives of others and make the world a better place

The Good Bumblebee online marketplace provides consumers with alternative choices to those found in large Fortune 1000 companies. Focusing primarily on small and cottage businesses, the Good Bumblebee team identifies notable companies, tells their stories, and helps them grow. For more information visit

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance."

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