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Food Huggers Partnership Announcement

Food Huggers Partnership Announcement

Press Release

Food Huggers reusable silicon food-saver products now available in the Good Bumblebee marketplace

Lewisville, Texas; November 25, 2019 – Good Bumblebee president Gina Smith and I sat down for lunch recently to discuss new business partnerships. Gina began the conversation by saying, “I am so happy to partner with Food Huggers! Their reusable silicon food saver products reduce food waste, help eliminate single-use plastics, and their support for women in the workplace is fantastic! They have also recently been featured in Inc. magazine for creating one of the top 30 coolest gifts for Millennials.” Many of us are avocado fans; however, folks in the Millennial generation apparently have a special penchant for them and the Avocado Hugger product is a perfect gift!
Inc. Magazine Top 30 Coolest Gifts for Millennials Food Huggers

“Since giving up plastic wrap and zip-top baggies a while back, I had been struggling with the best way to store these half-fruits and half-veggies. I love things like Bees Wrap for certain applications, but I can’t see through it and was causing unnecessary food waste because I didn’t notice something in the fridge and forgot about it until it went bad. Glasslock-style containers work OK, but they tend to take up more room than necessary when used for this purpose.”

Gina stated, “I don’t know about you, but I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. A LOT. I always have. But since adopting a plant-based diet, I’m going through even more. And since I usually cook for only myself, I almost always have halves of several different ones at any given time.”

Gina continued, “Then along came Food Huggers. These things have changed my life. I promise you I have no less than a half dozen of these things in use at any time. At this moment, I have one on the counter covering a banana I used half of this morning and SEVEN of them in the refrigerator. I’ve been slicing on a large tomato the last couple of days, and each time I do, I simply put the Food Hugger back on it. I have one on a half lemon, a half lime, and a third of a cucumber, one on a half-eaten container of cashew yogurt, and one on a slightly-used can of tomato paste, plus the Avocado Hugger keeping the other half of today’s sandwich topping fresh instead of going brown.”

“They’re ridiculously easy to clean since they’re made of silicone and nothing sticks to them. They’re dishwasher safe, although personally I’d rather just wash them and put them away since it’s so easy. They’re well-made, come in fun colors, and seriously cut down on both single-use plastics and food waste. Less food waste means less methane gas warming our fragile atmosphere, and Good Bumblebee supports that 100%!”

Gina concluded, “Lastly, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way they support women in the workplace. Their womanpower is made up of employees in Madrid, Amsterdam, Jamaica, Alabama, Toronto … Each employee works from home and on a very flexible schedule. They use Skype and other similar technologies to maintain top-level productivity as a team while allowing each team member to work during the times and from the location that best suits them. WOW. That’s an awesome perk for anyone, but think about the difference that makes in the life of a mother. The flexibility to take your children to school, pick them up, participate in their events – all guilt free. You’re not comprising your commitment to your child or to your employer. That’s so amazing! It’s also an excellent way to retain strong female talent after maternity leave! I can’t say enough about the wonderful program they have in place and how supportive of other women I find it to be. Kudos to Food Huggers!”

About Food Huggers

Owned by inventors, women, and friends, the Food Huggers team designs tools that make sustainable habits easy, fun, and convenient. Inspired by delicious fresh food and a goal to help people reduce waste at home, their mission is to reduce food waste and replace single-use and disposable plastic products. Food Huggers launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised $184,000 from more than 5,000 individual supporters. Oprah magazine called Food Huggers “equal parts clever and cute.”

About Good Bumblebee

Good Bumblebee is a company dedicated to being a force for good in the world and a source of positive energy. Using a business partner selection process that begins with an evaluation of core goals focused on people, planet, and animals, the Good Bumblebee team seeks out good people, high-quality products, and companies with values that promote wholesomeness and sustainability.

Good Bumblebee provides:

  • A marketplace for consumers who want to support companies with purpose, companies who are actively working to create good vibes and positive energy

  • A community of people and businesses supporting each other with high-quality products, fair pricing, and honest business practices

  • A platform for promoting ideas, people, products, and actions that can improve the lives of others and make the world a better place

The Good Bumblebee online marketplace provides consumers with alternative choices to those found in large Fortune 1000 companies. Focusing primarily on small and cottage businesses, the Good Bumblebee team identifies notable companies, tells their stories, and helps them grow. For more information visit

“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance."

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