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SeaWitch Botanicals Incense - Herbal Renewal - 22 Sticks

SeaWitch Botanicals Incense - Herbal Renewal - 22 Sticks


Sea Witch Botanicals

Do you adore the smoky sensual mystique of incense, but hate the migraine? Sea Witch Botanicals presents a complete line of All-Natural, Essential Oil based, Air-Purifying Incense.  

Herbal Renewal: Rosemary & Lavender Incense Sticks 

Aroma Profile: Lavender, Rosemary 

Associations: Air / East / Spring / Heart Chakra / Swords (tarot) 

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini 

Herbal Renewal incense features a calming blend of essential oils. Soothing lavender joins rejuvenating rosemary for an aroma that will transport you to a breezy field of sun-warmed flowers. 

Use this incense when you need to de-stress or reconnect to your consciousness. Settle into a daydream and let your mind wander: Inhale stillness and wisdom, and exhale fear & hesitation. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for action. 


Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Charcoal, Natural Resins, Bamboo Stick. Each stick is hand-painted with natural clay-based paint. 

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